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Drug Addiction Advocacy

Following the death of his son Macky from a heroin overdose, Dr. James L. Baker dedicated himself to drug addiction advocacy. His advocacy work includes speaking on the reality of drug use and pushing for legislation supporting those affected by addiction.

Advocacy & Speaking

Dr. James L. Baker works with physicians, legislators, and the general population, promoting support for those impacted by drug addiction and laying bare the realities of drug addiction. 

Physicians: Pain Management &
Physician Responsibility

Addiction education has historically been inadequate among physicians navigating medical school and beyond. While recent legislation has mandated improvements in this area, Dr. Baker continues to share his expertise from his own perspective of a palliative care and pain management expert.

Drawn from decades of clinical experience, Dr. Baker regularly works with physicians to improve pain management practices and minimize addiction risk factors that come with pain management using opioids. His workshops and presentation impress upon fellow physicians the critical importance of taking responsibility for these risks.

General Public:

The Reality of Drug Use

Over the course of his experience with Macky’s addiction and ultimate death from overdose, Dr. Baker learned a great deal about what helps—and what doesn’t. Addiction treatment is rife with bad actors, and ultimately it can be difficult for parents, family members, and even addicts themselves to find the right form of care.

Today, Dr. Baker shares his experiences with parents, families, and students, warning of the dangers of drug addiction and breaking down false information that may impede families from helping their loved ones. As a speaker, Dr. Baker is raw and honest, laying bare his own mistakes to help families avoid repeating them.

Lawmakers: Legislative Advocacy

Now a leading advocate for those suffering from substance use disorder and their families, Dr. Baker has supported multiple legislative acts and spoken directly to Congress to foster a better understanding of addiction. Much of his advocacy has included sharing his experiences as a physician and a father who lost a child to addiction and speaking with representatives of various legislative bodies.

Dr. Baker has contributed to multiple legislative acts, including the 2018 Massachusetts Opioid Bill (the CARE Act) and the federal Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act, working directly alongside U.S. Congresswoman Lori Trahan (D-MA). These bills are crucial first steps in combatting the opioid epidemic both in the state of Massachusetts and the U.S. as a whole.


Contact Dr. Baker

Dr. Baker is available as a speaker, physician educator, or to support initiatives advocating treatment of drug addiction.