Providing hope, guidance, and prevention resources to families impacted by addiction.

Dr. James L. Baker is a physician—but also a father who lost a child to opioid addiction and overdose. Following his son Macky’s journey through addiction, recovery, relapse, and death from overdose, Dr. Baker dedicated himself to helping others recover from substance use disorder and stopping the devastation that addiction brings to families throughout the United States.

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cover of Invitation to Impact by Wendy H. Steele

This Monstrous Obsession: Hard Lessons Learned about Addiction

Like many American doctors and parents of a child with addiction, Dr. Baker did not know anything about addiction care until he experienced it through his son Macky’s addiction and eventual overdose death. Dr. Baker weaves together the latest scientific research on addiction treatment, his reflections as a parent of a child with addiction, and Macky’s own thoughts and writings to craft an essential, cutting-edge book on why the opioid crisis persists and how we must treat it.

About Dr. James L. Baker

Dr. James L. Baker is a physician, a parent, and an addiction advocate. Above all, Dr. Baker is dedicated to providing support and hope to fellow parents and family members whose loved ones are struggling with substance use disorder.

Through his advocacy and writing, he hopes to provide answers to parents who don’t know where to turn and shed light on real, effective treatments and resources to help those suffering from addiction.

Wendy H. Steele, an inspirational figure for women in philanthropy
Wendy H. Steele, an inspirational figure for women in philanthropy

The Max Baker Resource Center

The MBRC is an approved 501(c)(3) entity as part of the UMass Medical Center Foundation. The Resource Center provides food, sundries, personal items, and other necessities available to any trainee at the institution, 24 hours a day at no cost, and with no questions asked. It is supported by donations from the community.